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2020 Bullet Journal

So, I don't normally cover my journals in stickers but orange is my least favorite color yet it's unavoidable when using journals in a rainbow order. Yes I am a dork but at least i'm a colorful dork.

My preferred materials:

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Hardcover notebook: I love these because of the variety of colors they come in, the 2 bookmarks, the preprinted index, and the numbered pages. The pages ghost a bit but I surprisingly don't mind it.

Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens: they come in so many colors and I enjoy the line quality and the richness they have. again, even though they ghost they don't bleed and so I don't mind.

Zebra mildliners: again, so many colors! the dual tips are also handy and although I don't use them much, I love having them when I need them.

Bagsmart Tablet organizer: this might seem like a weird way to carry my bullet journal but it's nearly perfect. A nice pocket perfect for an A5 notebook, cord tamers that fit 3 pens each, some zip pockets, and an outer pocket for the things like my whiteout tape because I can't spell or sticky notes because they're forever useful.

All that said, let's get into the journal!

The Index is already pre-printed in the Leuchtturm1917 books and handy for every time I forget where that one thing is in the middle somewhere. Some of the pages I reference often have sticky post it note tabs and so those colors are marked on the index.

My Title Page is super boring, I always think I’ll decorate it but I never do.

The Yearly Overview is where I mostly just mark holidays and birthdays and pencil things in for later. It's clean and simple and easy.

My Clean House spread has color coded tasks up top and the 52 weeks of the year at the bottom. My 2019 spread didn't get enough attention so I have to do better this year. I also have to remember to track the things other people clean so it doesn't look so bad.

I have a Bill Tracker page for both Monthly and Yearly Bills. It's pretty self-explanatory really, what, when, how much, and did I pay it? Also my Goals Page has habits I want to improve this year and things I want to accomplish. Every month I stick to my habit and complete the goal I’ll color in the section on the wheel as proof I was good that month.

My House Points spread is easily my most complicated. Based on the 4 Hogwarts Houses I use this to work on improving my habits and reaching my goals. Each house focuses on certain areas of my life.  Brave house Gryffindor has tasks that focus on putting myself out there, like my Healthy Chocolate business and my website.  The Loyal Hufflepuffs focus on my physical health, this really helps me stay out of mild depressions or at least notice when I’m in one. Wise old Ravenclaw is my house and it focuses on my mental health and relation to my environment. It tries to keep me from becoming a social media vegetable. And Slytherin, sorry to say, is my bad behavior house. Because I have to have something to lose to keep me working hard.

Each house has a few tasks, some points to earn for each task, and a reward (or punishment) to work for. The more difficult or time consuming or detestable the task is, the more points it earns and of course, bad behaviors suffer more points to discourage them. The right page holds all the points. For me each square holds 5 points and when it's full to the top I get my guilt free reward. And although it's hard to fill a "vial" it's actually possible to do it twice a year with good behavior. (you'll see my actual habit tracker a bit later)

I have a simple Wish List with more pricy wants, or future Christmas list asks. These are the things I try and save money for. I keep a Health Tracker (yes I know it's misspelled, yes it bothers me) for me to track symptoms of an ongoing medical condition and an abbreviation key to keep things short.

My Future Plans are the big things I want to accomplish during the year. My To Do list is my procrastination list, the small things (or things I can't decide about) with no deadline.

I have one Project Page already filled and blank page in case I decide to do another long-term project. This is my crafty type things that I procrastinate. No, I'm not telling you what my project is.

And finally, my collection spreads are done! And it's only page 18.

This is my Monthly Spread for the first quarter of the year. There are no holidays or birthdays listed, instead there are things that need to get done or get paid each month (things from that yearly bills list).  And my Spending Log. I like to write down my budgets because I have a bad habit of reckless spending. That's followed by a transaction journal with when, where, what, how, and how much. I have 4 pages for 3 months on the hope I won't use all 4.

My Habit Tracker is a bit extreme honestly. But all those things from my House Points spread are reflected here. The left page is everything I track; the right page is for the tasks that have multiple parts for me to work on. For now I have notes to remind myself that my "scoring" has changed since last year. Since I reference this page several times a day it gets my first bookmark.

My Weekly/Daily Spread! First off, my Key. Most BuJos have a page after the index for symbols, I'm a color coder and I have my key laminated with packing tape and threaded onto my bookmark right where I need it most. Not to toot my own horn but a friend thought this was genius.

For my week I have each day set up so that it starts at 6am and ends at 11pm so I can time block my days and see at a glance how busy I am. (normally I just work and that's it but you never know) I have a spot for weekly tasks or notes. And I keep a Sleep Tracker, not just for how long I sleep but also what kind of sleep so when I’m feeling grumpy and tired I can check if I’m just not sleeping well or if it really is my brother. Lastly, my second House Points. At the end of every day I add up my points from my Habit Tracker, and at the end of the week they go to the big House Points tracker.

At the end of my quarter I have Reviews, one for each month and a quarterly. I note how I did on my goals and if I'm improving or what I can work on. (I apparently didn't take a picture but it's nothing but a title until the month is done anyway.)

I only fill in one quarter at a time. On the last month of each quarter I'll draw out the next quarter. I do this so I have pages for random things. Party planning, a run log for that 5k, spring cleaning, vacation information, etc. 

And that's what my 2020 Bullet Journal looks like!

© 2019 by GIRL WITH GOALS. 

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