As a 20 something fresh out of college I had a degree but no real path for my future. I put so much time into what I was “supposed” to do that I never figured out what I want to do. I worked dead-end jobs to pay bills but I was still lost on what I wanted to do with my life.


In 2016 I took a leave of absence and all my money and spent 6 weeks traveling solo through Europe. I launched my Building Becca Blog to reassure my friends and family I was safe and to share my photography. I learned a lot on that vacation but once it was over I went back to my dead-end job and wondering what I want to do with my life.


Now as I head into my 30s I realized I already found what I want to do. Travel. Girl With Goals is a place to share all I’ve learned over years of traveling while I work towards a life filled with adventure in far off places I’ve never been before. Not only travel tips and tricks, but how I stay organized in my life and my travels, and keeping healthy through it all.

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